Horse-Training Professionals: State by State

Equestrians, locate a professional trainer in your area. For certifications or affiliations with well-known trainers such as John Lyons, Pat Parelli and others, check out individual listings. Note: You'll also find maps and tailored directions. For example:

Q: I'm looking for a Lyons trainer near Akron, OH.
A: Following the links (left column, most pages) to Ohio > Akron, will display a listing of trainers in your area. Mark and Michelle Corll, for instance, are two John Lyons Certified Trainers living nearby in the town of Canfield.

Q: I want to study or learn natural horsemanship techniques. What trainers near me in Reddick, Florida offer "natural horsemanship lessons"?
A: "Natural horsemanship" is a phrase often associated with famous trainer Pat Parelli, his trainers and instructors. For natural horsemanship training being offered locally, visit Florida > Reddick.