Your Listing: How to Add or Edit Your Business

It's a simple thing to get your business listed here on And, if you add a link to this site from your own, I'll reciprocate, linking to your site from your listing here. (See below)

Note: If you see "Access denied" at the top of a particular page listed below, it is because you have not created an account and signed in. Read on for instructions.

To Add Your Listing:

  1. Create an account and sign in to this site
    • If you DO NOT have an account, follow the link marked "Get Account" in the navigation bar above to create one.
    • If you DO have an account, follow the link marked "Log In" in the nav bar above.
    • If you see "Log Out" in the nav bar above you are currently signed in.
  2. Follow the link marked "Add Your Business" which will appear in the upper-left column on all pages (and below this paragraph) once you are signed in. Follow the simple instructions on the resulting page to enter your info. Again, the link ("Add Your Business") will only appear if you are signed in.

To get a link from your listing (here) to your own site:

If you link from your site to mine, I will do the same.
  1. Create your listing as detailed above.
  2. Add a link from your site to any page on this site,, including your own listing page. (Here's how to add a link if you are unfamiliar with HMTL.)
  3. With the link added, click the "Contact" button found in the upper navigation bar on every page of this site. Tell me about the link and include the URL (address) of the page so I can check your work.
  4. Upon confirmation, I will place a link within your listing (here on my site) to your site. Note that the link you install must be "followable" by Google. No "no follow" tags can appear on your site that would block the indexing of my site from yours. If you don't know what this last sentence means, you're probably fine.

To Edit Your Listing:

  1. Create an account if you do not already have one, per the instructions above.
  2. Sign in to this site and either:
    • Click on the red, "Edit, Pause or Remove Your Listing" button below (which will only appear if you are currently logged in). That button will take you to a page (or pages) where you can edit, delete or pause your listing(s).
    • Or...
    • Go to your dedicated listing page: Find your state by clicking here > Browse to your abbreviated listing among other businesses in your state > Click on the name of your business to be brought to your dedicated page. On your dedicated listing page (and only on that particular page), you will see an "edit" button above the business info. ("Edit" buttons/links will only appear if you are signed in.) Follow that link to edit and then save your changes. Note that "your dedicated listing page" is not the page that lists many businesses in your state alongside yours; it is the next page, the one that showcases only your business.)
  3. You will not see your changes immediately; they will appear a day or so later after being approved.

To Delete or Temporarily Pause Your Listing:

  • You can easily pause the publication of your listing for as long as you'd like. (Helpful because you wouldn't have to re-enter the info if you decide later to re-list it. This also saves you a second approval process as the existing listing will go live again as soon as you tick that box and save your page.) Simply follow the directions above ("To Edit Your Listing") and tick the box marked "Pause Publication" there near the top of your listing's edit page. Return in the same manner at any future point and un-tick the box to resume publication immediately.
  • You can easily remove your listing whenever you'd like. Simply follow the directions above ("To Edit Your Listing") and click "Remove" on the resulting page.

For questions, suggestions, or comments, click here to contact Keith.