Professional Horse Trainers in Nevada

Are you looking for a horse trainer in Nevada?
Q: How can I find John Lyons horse trainers near me in Peoria, IL?
A: Individual listings indicate whether each horseman is certified by famous trainers such as John Lyons, Richard Shrake and Pat Parelli—or if they're "independent operators." Click on the links in the left column, "Illinois" in this case, for a city-by-city listing of pro horse trainers near you.
Q: How do I locate a good horse trainer in Fairmont, West Virginia?
A: Clicking on your state (as listed here) will bring you to a directory of horse training professionals in West Virginia. Make sure you ask for references - and call those prior clients before trying out any trainer. Remember, more often than not, saving a few pennies up front (on a fly-by-night so-called "pro") will cost you in the long run. How much do broken ribs cost these days in terms of hospital bills and lost work?


, call: 702-467-4109
(John Lyons)
PO Box 274; Alamo, Nevada, 89001

Carson City

, call: 775-886-0842
204 W Spear St; Carson City, Nevada, 89703

Las Vegas

, call: 702-896-9079
2081 E Eldorado Ln; Las Vegas, Nevada, 89123
, call: 702-656-6525
6525 Whispering Sands Dr; Las Vegas, Nevada, 89131
, call: 702-645-4580
6700 W Lone Mountain Rd; Las Vegas, Nevada, 89108

, call: 702-501-6071
7774 Rancho Destino Rd; Las Vegas, Nevada, 89123
, call: 702-896-1355
7980 Fairfield Ave; Las Vegas, Nevada, 89123
, call: 702-743-1607
(John Lyons)
787 Tiffany Bend St.; Las Vegas, Nevada, 89123
, call: 702-219-0095
(John Lyons)
Robin Bailey Horsemanship, LLC
10040 W. Cheyenne #170-73; Las Vegas, Nevada, 89129
, call: 702-361-1855
(John Lyons)
3485 Vicki Avenue; Las Vegas, Nevada, 89139
, call: 702-591-8638
3375 W. Jo Rae Ave; Las Vegas, Nevada, 89141
, call: 702-361-2376
(Richard Shrake)
Double Y Ranch
8025 Bermuda; Las Vegas, Nevada, 89123


, call:
(Pat Parelli)
P.O. Box 3; Lund, Nevada, 89317


, call: 775-727-5675
3581 Dyer Rd; Pahrump, Nevada, 89048
, call: 775-537-6323
4061 Martin Ave; Pahrump, Nevada, 89061


, call: 775-689-1627
11505 Overland Rd; Reno, Nevada, 89506
, call: 775-849-1600
4200 Old Highway 395; Reno, Nevada, 89511
, call: 775-412-8069
Reno, Nevada, 89506
, call: 775-230-0827
(Richard Shrake)
15685 Elkhorn Lane; Reno, Nevada, 89506

Silver Springs

, call: 775-577-4677
(Richard Shrake)
P O Box 2323; Silver Springs, Nevada, 89429