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State-by-state, city-by-city, you'll find thousands of local horsemen listed here on LocalHorseTrainers.com. Good horse trainers - both independent and those certified by well-known trainers such as John Lyons and Pat Parelli - are here in my online directory. Each listing includes links to personalized maps and driving directions.


Looking for a great deal on a horse trailer?
eBay has plenty of horse and stock trailers selling at great prices - but how do you find one selling in your area? What, you're gonna drive it from Maine to California? LocalHorseTrailers.com (a sister site) lists trailers currently selling on eBay, each within a reasonable driving distance from your home

You'll find trailers listed by location, but also by:

- Horse Trailer Brands like Featherlite, Sundowner and Exiss

- Configuration, for example gooseneck, stock, or bumper pull

- Size, (2-horses vs. 4-horses, etc.)

- Parts & Accessories, Tires, Jacks and Covers


Stop Horse Bucking!
How To Stop A Bucking Horse: Don't land in the hospital the next time your horse tries to send you flying! If you look back to see your horse's hind feet ABOVE his rear end - you you've got big problems.This book of mine can help!

Is your horse a powder keg? "Crow Hopper's Big Guide to Buck Stopping" is your guide to ending one very dangerous habit: Bucking. Learn ground work and riding exercises designed to re-train your horse's brain plus immediate fixes for horses that buck into the canter, freeze up, balk at obstacles and your own fear. Make riding fun again!

An excerpt:

"Right now, you get knee-jerk reactions and it doesn't take much of a catalyst to cause an explosion. You nag the horse to slow down repeatedly, another horse lopes past—and suddenly you got a rodeo. Your every request is met with 'no' out of pure, nonsensical habit. You say 'down,' he says 'up.' You say 'walk' he says 'not gonna budge.' There's no thought involved; it's just practiced behavior in the case of a horse that's used to having its way, or inherent behavior in the case of a youngster or a spooked horse. 'Yes?' 'No!' 'What are we arguing about?' 'I don't know!'

"If horses more often than not buck for one of two reasons, fear or defiance (or its close cousin, 'frustration'), then discerning which will help us choose our training path. The contrarian described in the preceding paragraph needs to practice agreeing you, (whether that means walking forward when asked, or standing still or dropping his head or whatever) while the horse that bucks out of fear, needs to learn to deal with his spookiness, changing his first thought from 'RUN!' to something akin to 'stay put.' Most buckers are a combo platter of both types and you'll likely want to practice a wide variety of exercises.'"

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